Any ideas about the origin of the 7,62x39 caliber cases on the pic?







Your fired cases are from Albania.



Radom-They are from Albania, Factory 3. Glad to see them as they are both dates I have not seen for Albania.


Radom–I can’t really tell from the picture. Are the PA’s red, purple or shadow? Also, any remnant of a case mouth seal? Are these range pick-ups or some that you fired? Were they brass jacketed FMJ Ball?


Thank you for the answers. I also suspected Albania, but have never seen this hstp. in this caliber.

Ron, they are range pickups in Europe. The sealing is purple lacquering.

The cartridges were originally in SKS chargers, also marked “3”. Bullets are FMJ. I did not test whether magnetic or not. Only the unusual for me hstp cought my eyes.




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