7.62x39mm---ARES Colored Bullets



Anyone know what projectile ist?

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When I blow the pic up the case mouth gets a bit blurry. Does the case mouth crimp appear to be original to the cartridge?


Probably cartucho de tiro reducido. Check with these guys municion.org/


I am sure that is original.

Unfortunately in municion.org, this cartridge does not appear

Here is the same but in green.

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Is it a lead projectile with a colored teflon coating? If so it looks like something from ARES.


These are slovakian ARES products.


Ah, so I was on the right track.

Here some info on them:

bulletin.accurateshooter.com/201 … -slovakia/


So these are new production loaded into old cases? Were they surplus with just a bullet exchange?


Since made in 1979 there will be no other way I guess. Also plenty of ammo which could not be sold as civilian surplus and had to be pulled anyways like tracers and API etc.


ARES has used these colorful projectiles in a variety of calibers over the past 3 years or so. Most are reloaded into old cases, some apparently bought off the scrap/surplus market. I acquired three of these in 9x19mm with Kenya Ordnance Factory headstamps. In 9x19mm some are loaded into new ARES cases, but I haven’t seen this in other calibers.

It is not clear who is making the bullets. Similar bullets are showing up in Police loads in Australia. Westcasting offers bullets very similar to the ARES bullets, http://www.rpgfirearms.com.au/WESTCASTINGS.htm.

I suspect that both ARES and Westcasting both bought their machinery from the same company.




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Here some of their 9x19 (all ARES hs):

The left one is a FMJ subsonic.

The company owner said that only 5000 cases with ARES hs were made.




Gregory, thanks for the link.

So does anybody know what the colors are good for?

Does anybody know the hs on those blanks in 7.62x39?


EOD–The colors mean nothing. A customer buying about 500 or so can order ANY color, or combination of colors he wants. I have a set of 17 of the 7.62x39, which are all the colors the company has currently made. The purpose of the colored bullets is purely cosmetic. What ever you think will look good in your ad. The headstamp on all of mine is “IMI 7.62 x 39”.


Ron, thanks a lot!

Any clue on the hs on the blanks?