7.62x39mm by Klimovsk Specialized Cartridge Plant, Nickel Plated Steel Case. Headstamp Date "00"(?)


Below are photos of a 7.62x39mm cartridge produced by Klimovsk, nickeled steel case (magnetic), hollow point bullet (magnetic), brass or brass plated primer. I assume the “00” in the headstamp is the last two digits of the year representing the year 2000.


Can anyone provide a picture of the box label for this round?

How long did Klimovsk produce the nickeled steel cases?

Any information/discussion/corrections are most welcomed.




You are right, your cartridge was released in 2000, and in this form it is done now, if you believe the site of the plant.


Thank you very much for the link, most informative.

I was surprised to see that Klimovsk was/is producing nickel plated cases for the commercial market, from the point of production cost and trying to market this ammunition in a very competitive market.



It’s not difficult for me, please)


Hi Brian,

This is the earliest example of the “Silver Bear” brand 123 gr HP load with zinc plated case from when it was imported by Zanders Sporting Goods.



Edit: Case is nickel plated, not zinc plated.


I have the same headstamp in a silver colored case finish in 4 arrangements. They are a NUPE, two show dummies and a round like Brian shows. I look at “Silver Bear” brand zinc case finishes I have in various calibers and they do not compare to these four 7.62x39 configurations I speak of. This is a much more mirror chrome or nickel like finish compared to the “Silver Bear” brand polished zinc finish.


Pictured below on the left is the round Brian has that I have one of also, compared to two “Silver Bear” brand rounds on the right that are zinc plated steel. I have oodles of “Silver Bear” in various calibers and they all look like the finishes on the right, not the nickel/chrome finish on the left.



Thanks for your post above, great information as always.

The confusing thing for me (I discussed this with Joe) is the link (provided by AZOV2014 in his post above) for this cartridge on the Klimovsk website describes the cartridge case as being nickel plated steel.

The line describing the cartridge case (in Russian): Гильза: стальная лакированная, стальная никелированная, биметаллическая

Translation using Bing translator: Tube: steel, nickel plated steel, lacquered bimetal.

Translation using Google translator: Sleeve: steel lacquered, nickel-plated steel, bimetallic

I used the online translator to look up the Russian words for zinc plated and galvanized and those words do not match anything in the description on the Klimovsk webpage.

To me the case looks nickel plated. So am I misinterpreting or misunderstanding something here?



I have one of the nickel plated steel cases in a bag that is labeled “shot show example”


I think the possibilities of a galvanic shop on this plant are allowed to be applied to the sleeve and chrome and nickel, depending on the need.


Brian, you are correct, it is a nickel plated case. Silver Bear brand in this caliber made by Klimovsk and Ulyanovsk used nickel plated cases, while Barnaul used zinc plated cases. You can also find the same difference in other calibers of this line, depending on the manufacturer.





Thanks very much for the confirmation and additional information.



Would be nice to see pictures of other Klimovsk nickel plated steel calibers…


Joe, I don’t have information about other Klimovsk cartridges with nickel plated cases. What I mentioned above was regarding “Silver Bear” brand cartridges found with both nickel and zinc plated cases. For example, you can find .380 Auto and 9x18 with nickel plated case by LVE or with zinc plated case made by Barnaul; or a 7.62x39 with either a nickel plated or a zinc plated case made in both cases by Ulyanovsk.




Here is a picture of a Klimovsk box of FMJ cartridges with nickel plated cases having product code A76239NFMJ (enlarged from 2001 ad):




I understood your statement. Just wondering what else Klimovsk produced in nickel plated steel.
Yes, I have the LVE .380 Auto and 9x18 nickel plated rounds.

Nice picture.