7.62x39mm Enhanced Penetration?

What is the official Russian designation for the 7.62x39mm Enhanced Penetration cartridge?



This cartridge didn’t have an official designation, because wasn’t approved for service.
It was developed in the late 1990s at Klimowsk plant #711, and even experimental lots were made till 2001, but in 2002 AP cartridge, developed by Barnaul plant, was adopted for service under official designation «7,62-мм патрон с бронебойной пулей БП» (7,62-mm cartridge with AP bullet BP), index GRAU 7Н23 (7N23)


Interesting. So there are 7.62x39mm cartridges headstamped “711 92” and “711 93” with hollow point projectiles made from these Enhanced Penetration projectiles. It seems as though Klimovsk was using up old stock or leftovers since the load was not officially adopted? Makes sense rather than wasting them…


Of course! Why Klimowsk (i.e. Russia) need to destroy ready ammo instead of use them, even as not-official type of cartridges? Militia can use such ammo without problems. I think Army too.

I have some of the “Iron core” 7.62x39 Which we shot at a 1/2 inch steel plate at about 75 yards. Basically did nothing more than put a splatter mark on the steel, while .270 Win soft points were cooking right through.

Here is an Iron Core from the ones I mentioned above.