7.62x39mm FNM Headstamp


Below is a photo of a 7.62x39mm cartridge headstamped " 7.62x39 FNM 92-2 ", I assume this is a product of Fábrica Nacional de Munições de Armas Ligeiras, Chelas, Portugal, second quarter, 1991. Brass case, GMCS (attracts a magnet) bullet.
I’m not familiar with FNM production of the 7.62x39mm cartridge; I’ve seen a reference to a " 7.62x39 FNM 85-1 " headstamped cartridge ( More 7.62x39 Questions ) but not much else.
How long was the 7.62x39 cartridge produced by FNM? For the commercial or military market or both? Box label?

Any information is appreciated.




Brian, they way they are marked and packed + tracers existing I would assume they were not for any commercial (i.e. civilian) application.


Alex, I was not aware of any FNM tracers. Do you have a pic? Green or red tips?


Jon, that is info from a chrecklist. I do not know about the colors but guess red as Portugal is a NATO country.


They are red tipped


FNM made some lots of regular FMJ with lead alloy core, all are magnetic because of the gilding metal FNM used (Tombac/steel/tombac). As far as I know, FNM never made this cartridges with the steel core. I do not collect different headstamps so I only have one FMJ specimen marked “7,62x39 FNM 1-84”, but there are others.
FNM also made tracers in this calibre. There are two “different” types. The ones made for presentation in commercial trade shows and commercial gifts/samples, that came out of the factory inert (no powder and with the primer struck). This ones are very difficult to find because only a few where made.
I have been told that FNM eventually made some fully functional cartridges with tracer (red) bullets, but I’ve never found one.
My friend Telmo is an expert in these mater and I believe he will ad some light in this subject.
Meanwhile I’ll share the photo of the “inert tracer” I have in my collection.



Vitor, great image. Thanks a lot for sharing. I was not aware of a 1986 production.


Hi Brian,

This is the box style found with cartridges headstamped 7.62X39 FNM 91-1 and 7.62X39 FNM 91-2.

There is also a dummy with 3 knurls in the case body, black rubber primer and 7.62x39 FNM 1-84 headstamp. I don’t have a picture, sorry.




Fede, thanks. Did anybody ever see such a dummy? Are images available?


Great information!!!

Thanks to all who contributed.



The dummy version with knurls is absolutely new to me. I’ve never heard about that in 7,62x39mm made by FNM.
I know some dummy made by FNM, but only in: 5,56x45mm, 7,62x51mm, and 9x19mm, but all are nickel plated, with regular primers struck or without primers. The use of rubber to replace primers is something new to me in FNM production. The fact that the cartridge has 3 knurls is also strange.
FNM made several experimentations, so such a dummy should be one of those, and being so it is something very rare