7.62x39mm gauges

I have these two gauges. Can someone shed some light as to which is to signify what? For example, is one a “Field” and maybe the other a “No-Go”?



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There was a third gauge for the dimension 32.85 mm. The weapon should lock with that gauge. (GO)
New weapons should NOT lock with the 32.95 mm gauge in place, but repaired weapons were allowed to do so. (FIELD)
NO weapon should lock on the 33.15 mm gauge. (NO GO)

MPi = Maschinenpistole (AK, AKM)
Kar = Karabiner (SKS)
LMG = leichtes Maschinengewehr (RPK)

JPeelen: In U.S. usage, at least with respect to the .30 M1906 caliber, the second gage was NO GO, and the longest was the FIELD gauge. Anything chambering the FIELD gauge was regarded as requiring repair. Jack

Thank you.


Jack, thank you for the clarification. Seems I misunderstood the U.S. system of GO / NO-GO / Field.