7.62x39mm headstamp

Hi all,

I recently found a 7.62x39mm steel cased blank, but can’t find the headstamp!
It reads (I think!), 7.62x39 IUIOMMO and what looks the year, that has been obliterated by the condition.
Apologies for the photo quality, but I cleaned the best I could!

Anyone recognise this headstamp?

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Simon, I believe it’s ‘tulammo’ from the Tula Cartridge Plant in Russia, Pete.

Muskey is correct of course.

Here an image of such a headstamp.
Source internet.

Hi chaps,

Many thanks indeed! Interesting to find a Russian round in Devon, UK!

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Not to be a buzzkill, but TulAmmo and Barnaul (plus various rebranded import markings) are popular in many countries as cheap/affordable ammo. With the surprising amount of straight-pull AK type rifles in UK it’s not very unexpected!


Not to forget ammo used for foreign weapons training my all sort of entities.

Yesterday I saw Barnaul commercial headstamps being used by the Danish army.