7.62x39mm "Iman Sayeed"


I have a 7.62x39mm ball cartridge reportedly made in Iran. Several Arabic and Farsi speaking individuals have translated the script portion of the headstamp as “Iman Sayeed”. The headstamp year is “70”. Does anyone have any info about this cartridge and who Iman Sayeed is/was? Is this translation even correct? This headstamp and one dated “71” has been known for many years, but I have never been able to get any more information about the cartridge. Any help here?



I’ve also seen this headstamp on 7.62x51 cases - like you I’d like to know more background.

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Post a picture or a good drawing of the headstamp and maybe someone can translate for us.


Can some one please post a picture of this headstamp - a flat plate scan is fine - don’t need a camera. I would like to see it. Even a good drawing would do. Or, does anyone know if it is in any of the various headstmap guide books? Since I don’t know how to relate it to “Imman Sayeed” I don’t know what I am looking for in books.


John, later today I will e-mail you a pic of all my Iranian 7.62x39 headstamps. I haven’t quite figured out how to post yet, so maybe you can get your friend to post them here.


Persian script with what appears to be a Gregorian year? I’d really like to see that. Interesting. I’d really like to get your Iranian headstamp pictures. I can post them for you.



Here is the 7.62x39mm headstamp in question. Arabic speakers tell me this is not Arabic script, but the numbers are. [/img]


Did they say not Arabic “script” or “words”? I have understood that Farsi uses Arabic letters/characters, much like French, Spanish, and English all use the same letters.

If some kind soul posts my similar headstamp, you will see it is the same, but with a '77 (VV) date.


Unfortunately, the exact semantics of the translation are missing. I sent this pic to my father in another state where several of his employees are Arabic speakers. I recall that their comments were "it’s not Arabic, but we think it says “Iman Sayeed”. Perhaps there is enough similarity between Arabic and Farsi that some common words are similar, like in Italian and Spanish. IIRC, Russ Cornell had some Iranians in his area look at this headstamp as well. I’d really like to hear other’s interpretations and comments on this!



There is a small piece on the origin of this hs in the ECRA journal - #204 Aug 2004 page 2 suggesting that they are Iranian in origin based on the script used for the year. The author says that a Persian acquaintance recognized the the characters as ‘Sin’, ‘Alif’, ‘Sad’, ‘Dal’. He also suggests a possible interpretation of the hs - an abreviation for “someting like The Organization for Defense and Weapons Industry”. As I’m not fluent in Persian or know anybody who is, I can’t comment on the accuracy of the information.


Here is a scan of the hs in question on a 7.62 NATO case plus two additional hs that I believe are Iranian

mysite.verizon.net/vzev8ggr/site … anian2.jpg
mysite.verizon.net/vzev8ggr/site … anian1.jpg
mysite.verizon.net/vzev8ggr/site … anian3.jpg


Iranian1 and Iranian2 definitely have Persian/Farsi “5,” the upside down heart. Iranian3 has the seal/coat of arms as seen on the current Iranian flag.


That “flying hot dog” is actually, I believe, the symbol for Allah, and probably shouldn’t be described quite like that. That’s how the symbol was translated to me by a neighbor I used to have, a Zoroastrian (forgive me if I spelled that wrong - I haven’t a clue as to its correct spelling) from Iran, who also advised me that the symbol appears on the current Iranian flag.


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