7.62x39mm "PP" conversion to HP


Left to Right:

“711 91” salesman dummy. Note snapped live primer caused rust in case.
“Barnaul” softpoint
"711 92" hollow point conversion from “PP” projectile. CWS case, red seals.
“711 92” hollow point conversion from “PP” projectile. LS case, no seals.
“Barnaul” commercial blank

Compare to other Russian hollow points:

Left to Right:

“3 93” LS case, no seals
"711 92" CWS case, no seals
"711 93" LS case, no seals
"711 94" LS case, no seals
"Ulyanovsk" 1997 date, grey LS case, no seals
"TCW" headstamp, LS case, red seals
"Wolf" headstamp, LS case, red seals, copper jacket
"Wolf" headstamp, LS case, red seals



AKMS, I see your point now.


I am not as smart as Alex. Are you saying that the hollow point became bigger as years progressed? If so, was it done to economize in materials or any other reason?


No, I don’t think there is any logical progression in the size of the hollow points. I think these are all just manufacturer variations and design changes to simplify production. For example, Ulyanovsk first used the M-43 type jacket with a plastic plug in the rear. Later they changed to a shorter, flat based jacket. Seems to be a more simple bullet to construct. TCW/Wolf from Tula have always had the large airspace in the tip for both the HP and FMJ loads. I’ve heard that some fairly recent Wolf had wood plugs in the base, but have not been able to locate one to examine in person.