7.62x39mm Tracer Orange Tip Hungarian Headstamp

I have just received about 100 rounds of what appears
to be 7.62x39mm tracer ammunition.

The headstamp is 23 over 71 indicating Hungarian mfg.

What is puzzling is the bullet tips are all painted orange and not green as I think they would be.

I don’t think they are ‘gun show reloads’ as the paint appears worn with age.

No PA or CM sealant.

Any ideas, AKMS, EOD, sksvlad?

Gun show reloads using 7.62x51mm M-62 tracer projectiles. There are a few companies that seem to be remanufacuring 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54r using these M-62 surplus “pulls” the past few years with some volume…


I figured as much. Bullet diameter at CM is .306.
These must be mfg by just pulling the fmj bullet and keeping the same powder and primer.

They don’t appear to be reloads (no ejector marks, etc).

I wonder how safe these are, seeing as the M62 bullet is 142 grains vs 123 grains with the
original ball loading.

And, the M62 bullet is 1.35" long. That doesn’t leave a lot of powder space.

I wouldn’t shoot one of those until I found a way to get the original powder load data (amount) and pulled one of these mickey Mouse reloads and measured the powder charge. Substituting a 147 grain bullet for a 122 grain bullet using the original powder charge, in a small capacity case like this (with even more of the powder chamber used up due to a longer bullet) could raise pressures significantly.

I’ve made these myself with a 10% reduction in the powder charge. Works fine, but a much lower muzzle velocity compared to authentic T-45 tracer rounds. I’m sure the commercial re-manufacturers are using a proper powder charge for liability reasons…


Thanks for all the helpful replies