7.62x39mm type "US"


Any interesting variations of the 7.62x39mm type “US” subsonic ball load? Pics of boxes or spam cans? When was the last date of production, or is it still in production?



I have it. The latest headstamp in my collection is 1992.


Very interesting! Is there a photo of the projectile? What’s the bullet weight? Does it stabilize in standard AK47 rifling twist? Will the rifle cycle with this loading?


7.62х39 US (57-N-231U)
Lenght of cartridge - 55-56 mm
Weight of cartridge - 19.4-20.3 g
Weight of bullet - 12.4-12.7 g
Lenght of bullet - 33-33.6 mm


This is the complete and now updated list of what I have in my files:

539 62 CWS
711 61 CWS
711 62 CWS
711 63 CWS
711 64 LS
711 65 LS
711 66 LS
711 67 CWS
711 68 CWS
711 69 CWS
711 70 CWS
711 71 CWS
711 72 CWS
711 74 CWS
711 75 CWS
711 77 CWS
711 78 CWS
711 81 CWS
711 82 CWS
711 84 CWS
711 85 CWS
711 86 CWS
711 92 CWS



Thank you for all of the information. Does anyone have a pic of the “spam can” this ammuniion comes in? How about info on the powder used? Charge weight?



[quote=“AKMS”] How about info on the powder used? Charge weight?

Powder type is P-45(П-45).


Excellent information! Thank you.



I understand that this bullet almost twice the regular weight was propelled by 1/3 of the usual propellant weight making it a much “quieter”, but would it function it a semi or full-auto gun? What was the intended use?


This is a sub-sonic ball cartridge, intended to be used with a noise suppressor ( “silencer” ) called the “PBS” if I recall correctly. Yes this cartridge will function in semi and full automatic.
Note that the steel front core piece is hardened steel, not mild steel like the “PS” ball cartridge. Seems a little contradictory to have an armor piercing core in a “slow” projectile… I suspect that the heavy lead core helped to push the steel tip through a target.