7.62x39mm with 13 88 headstamp, RSA

7.62 x 39mm cartridge, brass case, with the headstamp of 13 88 (13 @ 12:00 position and 88 @ 6:00 position), a product of Pretoria Metal Pressing Ltd Pretoria, RSA.

From the IAA webpage reference section, the 13 is said to be a load identification code and is not a manufacturer’s code.

Similar headstamps occur with 5.56 x 45mm and .50 BMG ammunition produced in South Africa.

Does the 13 in the headstamp indicated Model 1 Mark 3 cartridge or does it indicate something else?

If that is the case are there other Model/Mark’s of the RSA made 7.62x39mm and what are the differences?



1 = Ball
3 = MK3

You will also find R1M1 and R1M2, expressed as 11 and 12.