7.62x39mm "Wolf" made in Ukraine

I just saw a picture of 7.62x39mm ammunition sold in the US under the brand name “Wolf” with “Made in Ukraine” on the box. Headstamp is the usual “WOLF 7.62x39” and the cartridges have lacquered steel cases. Is this the old Lugansk (270) plant up and running again? Will we be seeing other calibers imported by Wolf that are made in Ukraine as well?


Lugansk (LPZ) was running all the time. LPZ is now one of (or the sole?) suppliers for Wolf Performance Ammunition in 7.62x39 after Tula got out of the race in 2009/2010. Note the hs is exactly opposite compared to prior Tula manufacture.
I am not sure who is supplying the other calibers now.

6.5 Grendel (steel case) is being made by Barnaul.

Why did Tula stop making 7.62x39mm for “Wolf”?


As far as I heard the story TPZ (Tula) and Sporting Supplies International (SSI), Anaheim, CA, USA had a disagreement as for who is the owner of the trade mark “Wolf”. It went to court and SSI won. Since then SSI is selecting other suppliers than TPZ.