7,62x45 vz. 52 I want help ;-)

Hi, I´m from Czech republic and I write book about 7,62x45 vz. 52 and I look for info from world. I know, many cartidges wos exported… Can somebady help me?
I want like know something infos about this cartridge from others country.
We exported to Indoseia, Egypt, Siria, Jemen, Findland, Guinea, Ghana, Ekvador, Cuba…May by else…
I want like Fotos, infos etc. Please. ;-)
For me is interesing also info about “home” or others production of these cartridges. I know, exisist reproduktion this cartridges. But I need more infos. Pleaase ;-)
Tkank you for your time

I got my first 7.62x45 cartridges when I ran a local armory in Israel. A friend brought an AK and some ammo for it back from southern Lebanon. He soon discovered they did not fit!

Roman, did you check out some of the old posts?


Thank you Dan, that was the first thing I did

Example of surplus 7.62x45mm ammunition for sale (cartridges, boxes, crates):


Discussion concerning 7.62x45mm cartridges on BOCN (British Ordnance Collectors Network) with some good photos:


Thank you ;-)

Just a small error on BOCN, the development started out with 7.62mm and not with 7.5mm.

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