I have three cartridges I think I have identified, but not the maker.
Also, I cannot find either my dial nor digital caliper for accurate measurements…
They measure approximately 1 3/4" case length and 2 3/8" overall.
What factories did they come from?
Sorry for the quality of the images. I could not get a decent photo, so I had to punch them through paper and scan the headstamps

bxn = Sellier & Bellot, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Factory in Zbrojovka Vlàsim,
ZV = Sellier & Bellot, Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) Factory in Vlasim

***From the IAA Headstamp Guide available in the Reference section at the top of the page.

I must admit I nave had trouble remembering to check the reference pages…

The Headstamp guide seems a bit
Confused here.
bxn: 1950s-90s CSSR Warsaw Pact Code for the former Sellier & Bellot Factory in Vlasim, south of Prague, under Communist control ( Narodny Podnik);

ZV Zbrjovka Vlasim, Export Military Headstamp ( non-Warsaw Pact or allied countries) 1960s-1980s;
SB or S&B: Commercial ( Sporting)
Ammo. ( also Military ammo before and during WWII – this for SS and Export- Sweden);

Commercial Offices of S&B…Prague (Praha);
Factory: Vlasim.

Became a Joint-Stock Company in 1990, Bought by CBC Brazil about 2010 ???

Been to both (August 1993).
Doc AV

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So, both are Vlasim factory, owned [or at least operated] by Sellier & Bellot.

I am seriously making an attempt to identify AND catalogue my individual cartridges, which I should have started doing about 47 years ago.

I was looking through the cartridges on one wall [in a Linotype drawer] and I probably have 7 that have an ID with them… 8 down and 672 [rough guess!] to go!!

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The former S&B, expropriated by the Communist regime ( it was already a joint Czech gov’t- S&B corporation after WWII, having been controlled by the Nazi gov’t
(SS) since March 1939 to May 1945…the Reds did a coup in 1948 at the elections, and nationalised everything to " Narodny Podnik"
( Peoples’ Enterprise).
Zbrojovka in Czech is equivalent to
English " armaments factory" or
“arsenal” ( US speak).

Doc AV

Doc, thanks for the history, I did not know the German/SS link to S&B, but I remember the history of the Communist takeover all too well.
I did, however, know what thw C and Z meant from many years in the retail firearms field selling CZ firearms, just not that part of their past.