7.62x49 T70E? Dummy ID

The cartridge in question has a FAT1E1 case. So it should be one of three dummy-versions (T70E1, T70E2, T70E3) I think, but my knowledge on this is very very limited.
Is it possible to ID it exactly by it’s headstamp “F A * 48”?

With only the headstamp to go by, it’s likely a T70E1.

Edit - The only way you can tell for sure is to pull the bullet and see what it is.


I was afraid of that answer. But I don’t like to disassemble them.
The shape is like this one (same headstamp):
But without the visible knurled crimp.

Unfortunately, the differences are inside the case and, with the E1 and E2, the difference is inside the bullet itself (jacket thickness). So, there is only one sure way to tell and that involves pulling the bullet, and probably even more.

Maybe this is a job for wolfganggross? Kevin, are you there? Here’s a project you’ve been looking for.

Mine looks exactly like the photograph. I labeled it as an E1 for no other reason than it’s an early headstamp and no one can dispute it otherwise.


I forgot to add:

Mine weighs 324.2 grains, with a 150.8 grain bullet.


Guess I’ll follow your assessment.
Thanks a lot for your answers.