7.62x49mm "F A 48 *" Headstamp


Amongst my 7.62x49mm cartridges I have one with a F A 48 * h/s.
Can some one please tell me what the “*” indicates?
There doesnt seem to be anything else different about the cartridge.


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The star indicates fewer or more steps in the drawing and annealing process, which can affect the hardness of the brass. Sorry my mind is so damn feeble at this hour I cannot recall the details, but likely one of the early risers will provide the exact change designated.



I’m not positive, but I think the star indicates a high-anneal case to help prevent neck cracking.


Thanks very much for the quick replies, Ive been searching my books for a while with no luck. If the times on my posts make me look like a bit of a night owl, just remember Im in NZ and probably about 17 hours ahead of some of you guys in the States.
New Zealand … first place the sun sees every day:)



I think you will find two different FA *48 cases, the T1 and the T1E1. It is very difficult to tell them apart because the differences were very minor, involving the rim thickness and extractor groove. There is more than one explanation for the * and I doubt if anyone can give you a full meaning. Frankford Arsenal test and experimental personnel tended to do a lot of things that weren’t well documented. In IAA JOURNAL Issue #430, Frank Hackley gives a good description of the case iterations. Worth reading.