"7.62x51 05" Headstamp


Does anyone recognize this headstamp? I don’t remember seeing it before. Who made it?



PPU or Igman?


Alex, it looks like Igman to me, but I don’t have pictures of a box matching this headstamp.

There was a US DoD requirement for this caliber around this date that was supplied by PPU, but I was not aware of examples with this headstamp (just regular PPU). I assume it was for the Afghan National Army or the new Iraqi Army. Also, it could be related to the 7.62x54R using a headstamp with the same format that were made by Igman for the same purpose.


I fully agree!

We just would have to find such boxes or images of.
Only time will tell.


I believe that most of the stuff with this style headstamp, just caliber over a two digit date, are US offshore contracts for ammo to be supplied to other countries. I was visiting the Army Forensic Lab 8-10 years ago and they had a case of 7/62x54R with this style headstamp by PPU and I was told it was an offshore contract for the Iraq Army. I have seen it on 9x19 over a long range of dates.



Lew, which years and would you have images of boxes and headstamps maybe?


Lew, the ones I mentioned are headstamped “7.62x54R 04”, but the manufacturer is Igman, not PPU. Same applies to those headstamped “JMS 02”.




EOD, I didn’t take any photos of the 7.62x54R stuff. I do have a box of 9x19 pictured below.


This box came out of Iraq and I am told the handwriting is Arabic. I have also been told by an expert on the subject that the cartridges were made in Iran!!! He didn’t provide any supporting information. The primer crimps are identical to confirmed Iranian rounds and the grainy finish on the base is typical of Iranian rounds from the period.

It is interesting that the rounds in this box have a mix of nickel and copper color primers, but on close examination it looks like some have a thin coat of the primer sealant over the primer darkening it.

Any more information on these would be appreciated. I suspect that these were contracted to a company in a western country who then contracted for their production in Iran. The old Olympic has been mentioned as a possibility, under whatever name he uses now. Apparently there are 7.62x54R rounds with the Olympic hst code that are clearly Iranian made.

The plastic tray is also a kind of different design and is a bit crude. Note the impression it made on the bottom of the box.



Lew, all is fine as I meant the 9x19.
Images of the 7.62x54R have shown up elsewhere already.

I just understood before you mean these 9x19 were for a US DoD contract.
The hs pattern as such is known from several countries including Syria, Finland and Russia - just mainly on 7.62x39.



I suspect this was a US Govt contract for Iraqi troops. I am pretty sure the US didn’t contract with Iraq, but likely from somebody like the Guy who used to own Olympic. Some of his stuff sure looked like it came from Iraq, including a fired empty with this hst but with “00” date which turned up in a pile of his EDP headstamped 9x19 at a range in the US. Examples of this headstamp are known dated back to 1995. US agencies have also bought a lot of 7.62x39 for obvious and not so obvious reasons.

This stuff could have been made for other people also, but I suspect the prime use is US contracts.