7.62x51 308 ID help

  1. was told blue tip is subsonic tracer?
  2. Arabic 70, but what country made it? Egypt?
  3. 10 69 headstamp CWSC looks Chinese but is Russian or Bulgarian according to headstamp guide?

Sorry for the out of order image, flipped it right side up.

By the hs image:
Bulgaria, Syria, Finland (subsonic only)

The only subsonic tracer I know of is a Finnish 7.62x39 and has a light green tip.

The Syrian HS reads 60 not 70. The number seven in Arabic looks like a V.

There is a 7,62x51 SAKO Subsonic Tracer, but with a blue base and a knurl on the bullet as Tracer-Indicator…but I havent seen a blue tipped 7,62x51 from Sako before. On 7,62x39 a blue tip was used by Sako for Subsonic, therefore the Subsonic-Tracer variant got a light green tip…
Here the box (with Copyright):



The text at 12:00 on the Syrian one reads N7.62.

The Finnish blue-tipped .308 round actually is a subsonic tracer loaded with a Swedish tracer bullet made by FFV Vanäsverk (now NAMMO). These were loaded by Sako during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Finnish subsonic with a blue base was loaded by Lapua using a 13-gram FMJ-BT bullet.

The Sako-loaded 7.62x39 subsonic tracers either had a green bullet tip or a plain tip, I have both types in my collection.


These are two examples of SAKO head-stamped blue tipped rounds in my collection. Headstamp for both cartridges is the same as shown above with no blue base. The boxes the rounds came from are for FMJ rounds. However the knurled round weighs 45gr less suggesting it may indeed be a tracer. It also has a GMCS jkt - the non-knurled jky is GM.



Kiitos Mika and thanks Dave for the excellent info and photos.