7.62x51 Canadian Target Markers

OK you Canadian Vets - did you use 7.62x51 NATO target marking cartridges?

I have several of these. hs IVI 78 (+). I haven’t pulled a bullet to see what is inside but it is non-magnetic so it could be a tracer.




Pulled a bullet. It appears to be a tracer. Weighs 143,8 grains.


“NATO Dave” is a bit out of touch this week, but I’m sure he’ll want to weigh in on these. Don’t pull all the bullets!

Thanks Jon. Yeah, Dave won’t be back until probably after the holidays. But, I hate to bother him with every question (there’s already another one waiting in his e-mail). I was hoping maybe someone else would know.

I have to pull at least one of the bullets to send across the pond anyway, so I might as well do it now and see what it looks like.


Looks like standard CDN tracer ammo to me…


Yeah, my first reaction too. But that’s an awful lot of paint and not very durable. Is that typical of Canadian tracers, Eh?