7.62x51 CBC Case Question

Hello all, new to the forum and have a Question;

Picked up a bucket full of once fired .308 Win. / 7.62x51 brass. Sorted them out and found an odd ball,

7.62x51 case
Headstamp is NATO Cross at 12o’Clock, CBC at 6o’Clock, and 13 at 4 o’Clock

However it has a Crimped SMALL rifle sized Boxer primer.

New loading or odd ball special case for something ?


George, these cartridges use regular Boxer type large rifle 9½ primers. Maybe the primer sealant is giving you that impression?

I compared to some LC brass in the same bucket, the Large Rifle primer measures about .210 or so across, (measuring from the groove to groove of the primer edge/primer pocket) the one in question measures about .176 or .177 best I can measure.

Can’t seem to post a pic, EMail me if interested.



Could they have used one of the lead free “Green” primers like the Speer .45’s did a while back? Cheers, Bruce.


If the primer has a heavy ring crimp, it may give the appearance of being smaller in diameter that it really is. Even the experts are sometimes fooled by heavy crimps. If all else fails, you may want to pull the bullet and slowly push out the primer. It can then be accurately measured.

Both Remington and Lapua made 308W cases with a small primer pocket. So it’s not something completely unheard of.