7.62x51 DAG on IZZY links?

Got this partial belt from an acquaintance that had no information for me other than they had been sitting around his ammo shop for some time. I can see it would be possible that someone took IZZY links and inserted these rounds into them other that being factory or military linked, but what truly puzzles me is the fact that some of the links are dated 1944? These are M13 links,(correction, M1 links). Do not know why I originally said M13 as I know better. Anyways, does not compute.


Those are, I believe, M1 links, and certainly the letters shown seem to be Hebrew. It’s hard, however, to see how the numerals “44” might represent the year 1944. Jack

Jack, yes I made the correction, thanks. Still do not know why I typed M13. Anyways the “44” is very odd indeed.


The Hebrew T Z definitely shows the links’ source, but the 44 is odd. I would assume it is a lot number, but I haven’t seen that done before.