7.62x51 dummies by Fabrique National

Hello all,

I wonder if I could tap into the collective knowledge to ask a few questions about 7,62x51 dummy cartridges produced by FN in Belgium?

Does anyone know the earliest and latest date of production? Are they all plated or do they exist in plain brass? Do they all have flutes? Is it usual for them to have primers fitted? Are the bullets usually copper or are they sometimes plated? Are types other than dummy ball and grenade blanks known? Are there any known oddities or rarities?

In anticipation, Peter

The earliest date dummy or inert ctg 7.62 NATO is 54. Earliest Belgian issued dummy I have is 1957; ( brass case four holes, leather in the primer pocked fmj) the same also with an all red bullet. They made lots of different ones, with a ball bullet, crimped tinned blanks, weighted with a steel rod, with shot, empty, with a nickel primer, with an undeep blind primer pocked, empty primer pocked, dented blass primer, leather in the pocked. In house dummy’s with upper, lower half red or black coloured, also with wood bullets, and then you have the exhebition dummy’s unloaded ctg’s with nickel primer in all loads. Out of my head I can’t remember me a nickeled bullet.
Wishes, Jan.

The earliest FN drill or dummy round I have is “F N 54 (NATO)”, which is the earliest round I have seen with the NATO symbol on it. It is a plain unfluted, unprimed round.

When you refer to dummy grenade blanks I preaume you mean the long crimped plated dummy rounds. i have always thought these were “economy” drill rounds rather than dummy grenade blanks, but I may be wrong.