7,62x51 dummy cartridge

Another recent purchase is this 7,62x51 dummy cartridge. It’s heavily chromed all over with a false ‘struck’ primer. It’s unmarked but the base has a curious recessed ring to it, somewhat akin to that seen on Lebel cartridges. I hope the picture shows the effect.

Again, any ideas as to where and when it was made?

Happy collecting, Peter

I think it might be a Surplus Norma cases made for UK at time of Falklands. The ammo wasn’t used so the headstamp was removed leaving that “ring” and they were then loaded/sold on the civi market. The round you have was then chromed.

My rifle club used a lot of this Norma ammo and it was good stuff too. It was packed in 50 round white cartons with black lettering. On many of the cases the remnants of the headstamp could be seen on the outer rim in the form of the extreme tops of the letters and numbers. I picked up a couple of fired cases that had been fired in an automatic weapon, the extractor had ripped through the weakened rim. They worked fine in bolt actioned target rifles.