7.62x51 finds

Apologies for the mirror image on the cartridge head stamp scan I’ll have to fix that
Original scan in reverse order

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What is the case with the holes in the shoulder?

What load would the blue tip bullet be(2nd one from the left)?


Now I want one!

…and last but not least the most on the right it seems to me a BPD 60 pre-Nato specifics! Now I want one me too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a dummy of some sort and I have no idea what the blue tip meant but I haven’t had a chance to look in HWS either

It’s a packaging dummy. To give it its proper title its a ‘7.62mm Packaging Dummy (M172) Special’

You mean it’s a dummy to verify box dimensions?

Not only that, but to check boxing machine operation

HWS III says they were used for testing an automated packing module being developed by the Cleveland Development Corp.

From left to right
Frankford Arsenal dummy with stannic-stained bullet
7.62mm Dummy M172 (special)
Israeli AP
Fired case from sub-caliber training device (see above)
Tombstone dummy
Reduced recoil - most likely XM256E1
Composite case - probably Remington early 70’s?
M61 AP
Italian tracer (see above)


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Is the reduced recoil in an aluminum case particularly rare?

What kind of projectile goes into the sub-caliber device?

I added the original non-flipped scan of the headstamps to the original post.

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The M149A1 sub-caliber training device fired either 7.62mm M62 tracer (or M80 ball) cartridges. HWS III indicates that “Because of the possibility of a bullet becoming lodged in the bore due to the reduced pressure, only M62 tracer lots with GM jackets were issued for use in this device, and these lots were identified by a special ammunition code.” HWS III associates (+) LC 67, (+) LC 68 and (+) LC 71 with these lots. I have seen fired cases with a number of different headstamps – (+) LC 64, (+) LC 89, (+) RA 69, (+) TW 67, (+) TW 68, (+) WCC 67 and (+) IVI 69. This suggests three scenarios – 1. There were multiple approved lots beyond the three given in HWS III, 2. The special lot restriction was eased or 3. The special lot restriction was ignored. Check out (Six spaced holes in the neck of nato round - #3 by jonnyc) for pictures of the sub-caliber device.

I would say the aluminum cased rounds are uncommon but not particularly rare.


A number of the sub-cal devices were locally manufactured, many by National Guard units. This added greatly to the deign variations and cartridges used. Do you have a photo of a correct and possibly marked M149 or M149A1?