7.62x51 fired case

I picked these two fired cases up sometime between 1984 and 1994, I can

Nice find. I’m sure someone will add to or modify what I say, but I think they were used in a recoil-less subcaliber device. The holes are produced by the chamber of the gun, and as such, the holed rounds are only correct as fired cases.

I remember being told that they come from a sub-caliber device used for training with the Dragon AT system. You can find examples with a range of headstamps.

Dave S

These were just regular M-62 tracers, right?


Thats what my notes say. However, I have a box of blanks that states “only for grenade launching or Dragon launch effects trainer”. Can anyone shed more light on the use of sub-calibers in the Dragon system?

Dave S

The M47 Dragon has now been replaced in US service by the Javelin, but when they were using the Dragon, one of the biggest problems was trying to get the gunners used to the severe backblast, especially in a built-up area; apparently, if you had never fired a live rocket before, it wasn’t uncommon to think that the rocket had simply blown up inside the launcher (during training, gunners were restricted to no more than 5 rounds in a 24-hr period, to try to minimize hearing damage and concussion effects). Since the rocket is wire-guided, the gunner has to keep the sights on the target until it hits, which can be difficult to do if you think your weapon has just exploded on your shoulder. To get around this, the simulator used a 7.62 blank to give just a taste of the noise and backblast. Here’s part of the manual on the system, but it doesn’t really get into the sub-calibre adaptor system: liveleak.com/view?i=48e_1176592105