7.62x51 FMC headstamp, FAL XX on CN projectile

I ended up with a few various FMC (SL and SF) 7.62x51 cartridges with FAL and 59,60 or 61 stampped on the CN bullet.

What’s the significance of the FAL stamps on the projectile?


Found previous thread on it. 7.65x54 converted to 7.62x51

Hi Jesse,

The meaning of “FAL” is Fusil Automático Liviano , which is the Argentine designation of the Belgian FN Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle). This marking was used to avoid confusion the the 7.65 x 54 Mauser cartridge.

Can you post pictures of the headstamp/bullet marking combinations?



headstamp bullet bullet stamp
FMC “SF” 762 69 GM none
FMC “SL” 1952 CN FAL 60
FMCSF 1951 CN FAL 60
FMCSF 1953 CN FAL 61
F.M.C. “SL” CN FAL 59



I just noticed that one of the 7.65 Mauser I brought back from SLICS is one made into a 7.62 x 51. Headstamp: F.M.M.A.P. “B” // 1949 // with just 59 on the bullet.

The Engle bins were full of them apparently. I got 1 of them from someone who pointed it out, forgot about it, and got 4 more on Friday by accident, along with some regular 7.65Mauser

I just read on municion that these are “perforante”. Is that correct that they are AP?