7.62x51 French Armour Piercing


I have what I think is an early French 7.62 x 51mm NATO experimental Armour Piercing load. It’s headstamped TE 54 with a NATO symbol. The bullet has an unusual rough surface and appears to have been plated with zinc or similar. The casemouth has a dark purple seal but there is no black tip as I would have expected with AP. Can anybody confirm that this is AP and ideally tell me the full military designation?


I have the same cartridge with a black tip



Thanks for your response - but what is wrong with the picture? As I see it it’s scanned perfectly.


Jim, your picture may have scanned fine, but it is only available on the forum if it is available on the internet. I check the location you stored in your posting (i66.photobucket.com/albums/h266/jimiles/7-1.jpg) and got a reply that said “Sorry, the page you requested was not found”. You need to go to your photobucket account and make sure that the image is loaded in the location you have put in your posting!


Thank you so much for explaining that to me - I’m now wondering how many other pictures I have considered to be posted have not actually been available to view. Sorry everybody…and I thought I was doing so well!


Michel–Inn PhotoBucket be sure you select the 3rd choice, [IMG] to have the image appear directly in your post. Also, use the “Preview” button to make sure the image is there before using the “Submit” button.


Now I am getting confused!! Are you suggesting that I am posting my pictures correctly after all? I just wish I could see my posts as you guys can!


Here is the label of the corresponding box.




A very helpful reply thank you. I can confirm though that my specimen should not have a black tip. I have found the identical cartridge, without a coloured tip, for sale in Conjays catalogues. I would suspect that the experimental or pre-production loads were not marked with the black tip.