7.62x51 grenade blank

Is there any significance to the yellow splash on the case head of this British grenade blank?

Dave S

I can’t answer your question, but I would not automatically discount the originality of the colored “splash” on the headstamp. The Brits liked doing this. There are 9mm Silencer loads with red, green, cream-colored, and perhaps other colors of dots on the head. I have also seen a 9mm with the extractor groove colored in purple, and I had a couple of .303s, evidently from some sort of test, with purple splashes (not neatly done) on the case sides, almost like bands, but not at all precise like the colored bands on Canadian .303 Match cartridges.

I’m sure one of our Brit friends, or a 7.62 NATO collector, will have a better answer for you. I just wanted to point out that this sort of thing is not unknown on British military ammunition.

I’m sure the coloured paint splash is significant. The purple coloured tip is even more significant. Purple tips on British ammo denote an experimental nature. Have checked Peter Labbett’s booklet - and no mention.