7.62x51 headstamp GGG


Been to the range today and brought back some 7.62 cases, Nato marked headstamp GGG. 09 Packed in 20 round nato boxes also marked GGG

I thought at first it might be GGC (German) but it is definitely GGG

Does anyone know who made it? The headstamp is not listed in the directory

other details, copper coloured bullet, I don’t know if they were steel because I didn’t have a magnet with me. Silver primer no visible crimp on primer, might be a subtle ring crimp. red lacquer. Boxer primed.




Thanks, are they part of NATO now? Its hard to keep track.

Can I ask what GGG stands for? and can somebody update the index?

I was told it was good quality ammunition and expensive. The box has 020 stamped on it as well with a rubber stamp. Any ideas on that?

I know where the person got it from so I will see if I can get an empty case (outer) although they are very touchy about giving out empty outers these days and I don’t know why. Even if you buy a case quantity they take it out and give it to you in the sleeves. Loose in other words.


Vince–GGG stands for Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla (Giraite Armament Factory), Vijuku km., Uzliedziu sen, LT-54306 Kaunas raj., Lithuania. They have a nice web site.


Vince–You say these were “NATO marked”. Do you mean the headstamp had the NATO mark? The only headstamp I have seen is just GGG and the 2 digit year date.


Yes Ron NATO marked on the headstamp and on the boxes I fished out of the bin. The boxes are NATO style 20 round brown cartons with NATO style print.

I was a bit suprised by the 09 dating. Seems a bit early to be dumping it on the surplus market. It appears to have been “made for surplus” ie to keep the factory running. All things being equal it probably takes 6-12 months at least for surplus ammo to reach the shooter after the time the decision is made to dispose of it. What with negotiating the sale, shipping, sitting in warehouses, clearing customs, more warehouses, and then passing through the hands of dealers over here etc.

This ammo must have come straight out of the factory as surplus. Boxer primed too, is that normal? Not for Eastern Bloc countries in my experience.


The Lithuanian Factory started around 2000, and has had a chequered career since then. BY 2005 it looked like it would fold, but by Gov’t Support and placing ammo in various markets, it has kept going.

They produce top quality 7,62 Nato ammo, boxer Primed, as well as 5,56 and probably 9mm Para as well, but not every year. A Portion of their production goes to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, but the majority is for export.
These days, a lot of “Surplus” is not “Old or life-expired ammo” but is New ammo released onto the Commercial Market, either directly or through Brokers.( in many countries)
In that sense one could say that it is keeping GGG “turning over” to justify the small requirements of the Local Gov’t…It saves the Gov’t having to spend foreign exchange acquiring ammo from Foreign sources, and keeps locals employed within the country…Good Economic, Strategic, and Political management. (Even if “Protectionist etc”)

Whilst the Former Eastern Bloc countries had a lot of Factories from the Soviet Era, the GGG is a NEW Plant, equipped with Modern European machinery–
( LaChaussee and Manurhin etc), and oriented to brass case manufacture, not steel.

Doc AV


The only two calibers GGG shows in their current website are 5.56 and 7.62 NATO, although their company history mentions they produced 7.62 x 39 initially. No pistol calibers are show, including 9 mm, regretably.


Some came on the US market a few years ago. I recall it being good, accurate ammo, but on the expensive side at that time.

I can confirm that I had(?) a GGG 01 dummy in 7.62x39, brass case with no primer.


Vince–OK, I was confused. When you said it was 7.62 I was thinking 7.62x39, not 7.62x51. That is why I was surprised by the NATO reference. My comments above concerning the headstamp was for 7.62x39. I have a ball round and a dummy as described by Johnnyc. Both are “GGG 01” with brass cases.


Finally, I have quite a few fired cases and two empty cartons (which I won’t keep) if anyone wants either PM me.


The use of the (+) symbol on GGG cartridges first took place in 2005. I have the following headstamps GGG 05 and (+) GGG 05

Giraites Ginkluotes Gamykla website states

“In 2005 cartridges has successfully passed the quality tests in NATO ERTC in Pendine and GGG has received a right to mark cartridges with NATO interchangeability sign.”



Can you post a picture of the headstamp and box label?

Thanks :D


[quote=“MissingSomething”]Can you post a picture of the headstamp and box label?

Thanks :D[/quote]
I can’t post pictures but I will send you a case and photocopy of the box. If that is any help. Demand for the boxes has surprised me. I am trying to get some more. I didn’t realise there were so many box collectors. PM me your address.



A friend of mine runs a small gun shop out of his home. A few years ago he received a box or two of this Lithuanian 7.62x51mm as a sample from a distributor. Not long after he received the sample, they contacted him and wanted to know how many pallets of this ammunition he wanted to order! As I recall, his dealer cost would have been $.50 per round, which he felt was too high. The distributor gave him the impression that they had a lot of product to move and were kind of pushy about getting him to order…



I just heard from the Baltics that GGG got closed down last year. All equipment gone.

This may explain why relatively new ammunition is on the market - remaining stocks being disposed of.

Anybody with more details?

Now I just wonder why their website is still up. Anybody to write an e-mail to them and ask if they are still in business?