7.62x51 headstamp

I’m new to the group and ammunition collecting.
I found a empty cartridge with the headstamp J H at the 12 oclock position and 7.62 at the 6 oclock position. Length is about 51mm. I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.
Anyone got any idea

This topic was discussed here, with photos:

The consensus seems to be that it is Chinese, and was possibly made for Singapore. It strongly resembles headstamps made in Singapore, but there are variations on two types of Chinese headstamps which make it hard to be sure at times.

Are you in Canada?

We imported a bunch of this.

Definitely made for Singapore Armed Forces, but by the Successors to CIS ( Chartered Industries,) in Singapore. The “JH” is a date code, not a factory code, and this date code system, is used by CIS over its long production history.
Where the “China” part comes in, I don’t know…maybe because some Chinese brass ammo has “CJ” or similar headstamps?
WE have had that ammo here in Australia for quite a few years ( I have Blank and Ball “JH”, and even .50cal Blank “JH”., all left by visitng Singapore AF using the training grounds at Shoalwater Bay ( Central Qld) over the last 20 years.
As well, surplus quantities of this ammo has worked its way through our NRAA, for use on Rifle ranges; so the “China” manufacture story is a bit thin.
It maybe that CIS ( whose machinery was originally supplied by Kynoch and other British ammo/machinery producers) has since acquired Chinese (Norinco) Cartridge making equipment…and the characteristics of Chinese made ammo have naturally shown up on these cases?
There are numerous situations world-wide where the use of another country’s machinery and technology has led to “Clone-like” ammo being produced, which is indistingushable ( except for HS) from the machinery supplier’s production.

I would keep an open mind on this question of who supplied? until more definite info is at hand. In any case, the case is Berdan, and good condition brass ( we reload it for special blanks, and also reform it to 7,9x33 Blanks)…in keeping with other, more readily-identifiable CIS products.

Doc AV

The amount of this singapore ammo turning up on the surplus market suggests to me they are making it for sale via the surplus market rather than it being true surplus. Embarassing to say but most people wouldn’t know the difference between Singapore and China so if it is described as Chinese don’t be too suprised.
The Chinese (Norinco) 7.62 we get is steel cased but actually quite good.