7.62x51 headstamp

I haven’t been able to figure out how to post an image yet, but here is my question. A single specimen of a 7.62x51 mm ball cartridge with an unidentified headstamp turned up among some miscellaneous shooting ammo here in Norway. The headstamp is N-68-43 at 6 o’clock. The primer has a square three-stake crimp and the annulus is green.
S.Jorion and P.Regenstreif in their book “Culots de Munitions Atlas” Volume 1 show a similar headstamp (N-68-45) and suggest the German factory MEN.
In the book “The Military Cartridges Caliber 7.62x51 mm NATO and their development and variants” by Brandt,Hamann, Kaltmann and Kiehn, we find two similar headstamps (EN-10-11) and (MN-66). These are both identified as being from MEN (Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH).
Could the single letter code N also be from MEN? Can someone confirm or explain this headstamp?

The Complete Name for MEN is “Metallwerke ElisenHutte Nassau” ( Metallurgical Works, Elisa Foundry (or smelter), Nassau.
IN Germany it was common practice to name Iron and Steel and Metal Foundries/Blast Furnaces/Etc by Women’s Names (Mines as well) …see Leopoldina Hutte Kladno ( “Poldi” to the Gun Guys) Poldi was the nickname of the (beautiful) Wife of the German Founder of the Poldi Works in Bohemia (Austro-Hungarian Empire)

So the various permutations of the Letter M, E,. and N are all indicators for MEN.

Doc AV

Thanks for the MEN information. However, although it’s of no great importance, I would like to point out that the correct name of the factory is Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH. Not Metallwerke with an “e”. The letters MEN, on the other hand, stand for Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH, Nassau/L., as you pointed out. Nassau is the location of the factory. All of this according to a MEN booklet entitled “Jagdbüchsen-Patronen, Match-Patronen, Kurzwaffen-Patronen” dated 1988. MEN was founded in 1957.

Vidar, I don’t have a concluding identification for this headstamp but I can add that it was found in Central Africa in 1974 with other unidentified cartridges, like those 7.62x51 headstamped .308 at 6 and a two letter code centered at 3, and unheadstamped 7.9x57 cartridges of Portuguese manufacture (check p. 2 of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15226). By the way, it’s great to have you at the forum. Regards, Fede.

Thanks Fede. I hope to be able to contribute with some useful information from time to time.

Vidar - that would be great!!! I remember the “small” contribution you and Morten made to my article on Norwegian .45 Auto cartridges. For those that didn’t see it, Vidar and Morten sent so much information already put in such perfect English, that “writing the article” for me was nothing but copy work. They were the real authors!

Great to see your name on the Forum, Vidar.