7.62x51 hstp ID

I now have an inert example of a ball round with one of the headstamps shown in this thread: iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … bc93d0d470

The headstamp o he ball round acquired today is simply “7.62” at 6 O’Clock. The “point” in 7.62 is fairly large and not on the bottom line as shown when typed. there is also spaces between “7” “point” and “6”. In fact, the headstmap looks more like “7 - 62” Although the point is a smaller oval “dot” rather than a dash.

The case is brass, and the bullet is a standard GM jacketed NATO-Spec ball with a plain (non-knurled) cannelure. The primer is of the Berdan type with a brass cap. It is held in place with a 3 point stake crimp and has very dark purple annulus that at first appears to be black.

Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of this round?


I have this cartridge in ball and tracer loads with purple and red annulii respectively. I obtained these whilst I was in the army and they came back from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). As far as I remember they were used by the South African army for clandestine purposes. Highly likely they were manufactured by South Africa but I don’t know that for certain.

Thanks Jim. If they were made in South Africa, I suppose they were probably a product of PMP.

Pretoria would be my guess too. I’m just off to work now but when I have more time I’ll scan and post pics of my headstamps and you can compare them with yours to confirm that we are talking about the same rounds - but for now must dash!

If I am picturing your H/S correctly, I saw a number of those in Israel in the 1980s. They were ID’d to me then as RSA.

On the thread that Falcon has made a link to, why is the word “Rhodesia” in every instance used, now in brown print? No complaint, just curiosity. In my response on that thread, I didn’t do that. If I don’t ask these “computer” questions, I will die still knowing nothing about these expensive typewriters.

By the way, I too, think that the round in question is probably from PMP in RSA. I have had a lot of the NATO rounds over the years, and still have similar headstamps - caliber only - in 9mm Para from PMP.

I’ll be nice and believe that the computer is simply pointing-out the non-standard use of the name Rhodesia.
OT, but I spent a few interesting evenings in London, back in the 80s, with some “gentlemen” who would have happily maimed you for life if you used any term for their homeland other than Rhodesia.

John–Concerning your question about why Rhodesia turned brown: Damned if I know. As an admin. here I can do things the general user can’t, such as edit other peoples posts. I went to the thread and sure enough the word “Rhodesia” is brown. I pulled up an edit screen to check to see if someone had added formating for [color=blue]brown type[/color]
like i did just now for “blue” type. But no one had. In fact, brown is not a color recognized by the software for type. To make things even more strange, when I return from the edit screen, the “Brown” is gone. But when I leave the thread and return to it, the “Brown” is back. Like I said “DAMN IF I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON” Anybody else have an answer?

“Rhodesia” was shown in brown because I used the search function to search for the word Rhodesia to find my thread on the 7.62 Rhodesia Souvenirs again, and copied the link directly from the address bar of that page, so it was still showing my search result where it shows where the word I searched for (Rhodesia) is in the text by highlighting it in brown. I have now fixed it by removing the text “highlight=rhodesia” from the link.

Falcon–Thank you for the explanation. It sure had me stumped.