7.62x51 Hungarian MFS steel cases

I just came across this in the web:

weaponsworld.com/mfs-ammunit … -case.html

Does anybody know the head stamps of the cases used there? As they are using Barnaul made 9x19 steel cases I wonder now if these are from Barnaul too.

I suspect that they are using Barnaul made cases- the headstamp I have seen on 308 Win cases is

12 o’clock - MFS followed by the three symbol Barnaul logo
6 o’clock - .308 WIN.

Image follows




Dave, thanks a lot! So it is identical to their 9x19 hs.
Good to have the info.

Are there any other calibers known to have this hs? Maybe 5.56x45?

Alex, this headstamp is also found in .223 Rem., .30-06, 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R.

Fede, thanks a lot, great info as usual!

This same headstamp is also found in Precision Ammunition brand boxes imported into US by RUAG Ammotec USA.

Yes, I know, this was the initial info from Lew on the 9x19.