7,62x51 ID


One ball cartridge with GM jacket and one tracer with GM jacket and red tip, both with the same headstamp:

Do anyone know where these come from?


Aktiebolaget Bofors, Nobelkrut, Sweden I believe. Military contract cartridges.


It would surprise me a lot if this is correct. As far as I know, Bofors Nobelkrut of Karlskoga, Sweden, never made small arms ammunition. It would also be surprising if they have distributed or exported such ammunition with any sort of “Bofors” headstamp. Is there any documentation for this suggestion?


Hello Guys

I do not believe this is a factory code, I think it is a date code for Singapore. I believe this was made at PMP in South Africa, on contract for Singapore. I have some others that came out of PMP:

I am not sure how the dates work but from Ron Fuchs:
( JE, JF, JG, JH, etc. )
First letter indicates decade and second letter indicates the year
( J = 9 and G = 7 so JG = 97 )

How they suddenly jump a few letters & arrive at “N” I do not know.




Thanks, Will.
Although I have several of these codes, it didn’t come to me that NB also could be such a code. If it is correct, I wonder what the N means.