7.62x51 L43A3 blank

Hi all,

I recently came across a new ‘L’ number code (new to me anyway!) for the current British issue 7.62mm blank - L43A3.

The L43A3 came about in 2014, as I have a L43A1 and L43A3 both with 2014 dates.
There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, they both weigh the same (both empty and live cartridges), the only physical difference I can see is that the crimps are shorter on the L43A3 (right, second picture) with the L43A1 (left, second picture) having long ‘deep’ crimps. This seems a rather loose reasoning to change the ‘A’ number, so I would assume there’s something else at play to change the nomenclature. Has anyone come across the L43A3 before?
There doesn’t seem to be anything on the L43A3 anywhere!

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