7,62x51 link test dummy cartridge (drawings)

I found this drawing in the “Manual of Test Procedures for NATO 7,62mm Links” AC/116-D/328. draft 3, 3rd May 1966.

It is also included (text in English) in V67, “Manual for Test Procedures for NATO 7,62mm Links” Allied Ordnance Publication 3 (AOP-3) as; “7,62mm Dummy Cartridge for Testing Links, Annex B”


This drawing seems to be of the one whose manufacturing parentage is unknown and in question as No 4 in Daan’s post titled 7.62 Nato ID.

Any further thoughts?

I suppose one company / country could have made these & sold their extras to other NATO participants?

We have a number, but no packaging.

I’ve checked the dimensions (external, internal and weight) of my examples of No 4 in Daan’s post titled 7.62 Nato ID http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14528. They are consistent with the those shown in the drawing posted by Peter. At least I’m now reasonably confident about the use of the “dummy”. As to manufacturer, this is still unknown.


It is probable that several manufacturers could have made these dummies, as long as they conform to the drawing. There is no requirement to mark them.


Here’s another drawing from the same manual;

There are others but they’re fixtures and test jigs rather than looking like cartridges.


Pete, as can be seen from “OTAN sans classification” (NATO Unclassified) and the note that this forms Appendix B to a NATO document (AC/…), I think this should be assumed as a NATO drawing with no direct connection to any specific manfacturer. No factory drawing would have a NATO classification, but a national classification (if any).

I see it similar to a 13E… drawing by Heereswaffenamt.

Thanks JPeelen, Nice to know this. It was something of a mystery as I’m pretty ignorant of how NATO does things.