7.62x51 lot code "CBB"

I just came across this belt box with lot code “CBB” (supposedly a functional lot as it is for belted ammo which seems to compose of different other lots). The can should be US.
Can anybody say who “CBB” is?


The image is contained in this web entry:
olive-drab.com/od_firearms_ammo_ … al_m19.php

Alex, it was made by CBC in Brazil.

Fede, thank a lot!
Is this a production for the US?

From a 2009 posting http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6634&hilit=cbc

"My sources suggest that it may be from Brazil - CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos). CBC was part of the General Dynamics Second Source contract and it is likely that the U.S. Government would want another H/S code for use on the GD contract.

Dave S"


Alex & Dave, CBC actually was one of the foreign companies who in 2004 signed a contract with ATK in the bid to supply the US Army, but the contract was lost against General Dynamics, its direct competitor. Anyway, ATK ended up signing other contracts with the government which were fulfilled using ammunition of CBC manufacture. One of the more interesting examples are the .30 Model 1909 blanks.

Fede, great info again! Thanks!

Thanks for this information. A number of press releases and commentaries now make more sense.


I almost forgot; what is the factory code in the hs of these cartridges? Also “CBB”?

CBB is CBC Brazil, CBB being the code assigned to them for US Govt’ contracts.

The 30-06 Blanks provided in the contracts were recalled as they had some guns disintegrate when firing them. M1 Garands. That recall notice was floating around the internet at one time.