7.62x51 M59 pic?

Hi, all. By chance can anyone post a photograph of a sectioned M59 Ball projectile?



I have most of the 7.62MM bullets sectioned but have not tried taking a photo of an M59 with a flash. A real test of my photographic skills.

A fairly ordinary bullet. Lead base plug and nose filler with a mild steel core. GM jacket. This one’s an LC (+) 56.


Thanks, Ray. I appreciate it.


I am duly embarassed by the quality of that photo. I would not even presume to send it to Chris P, and he will accept just about anything. I tried 10 different shots with 10 different backgrounds and they all had glare. I posted the best one. I can take a good one now that the relentless AZ sun is out. Let me know.


I assume the glare is a result of your using a flash. If you have a multiple bulb overhead light fixture, try using compact florescent bulbs, the bright ones that simulate daylight rather than incandescent light.


You’re right, it’s a flash shot. I think the new digital cameras have a flash that is too intense and the wrong color for taking close-ups and such. In the olden days I could use a blue flash bulb and never had those problems.

Good old AZ sunshine is much cheaper than the new-fangled light bulbs. And I know it will be there every morning. Next time I’ll simply wait.

Thanks for the advice though. Is it free??



It would certainly be good to have an evenly lit photo, as long as it’s not too much of an imposition.


P.S. I agree with you on using sunshine for illumination. I’ve never even tried flash or fancy light fixtures. Always had good results with sunlight, filtered by 100% cloud cover for outdoor pics and white drapes indoors (direct sun causes harsh shadows).


Ask and you shall get what you asked for.

I’ll have to clean that bullet. It has more age spots than I do.

Length is 1.260".


VERY nicely done, Ray. Many thanks!

Can someone please put up a picture of a m61 ap next to the m59? Was just wondering the real diffrence between two. Is the m61 hardend steel, where as m59 is mild steel? Thanks wolf


Internally, the M59 and M61 look essentially the same. The M59 has a mild steel core whereas the M61 core is hardened.


Now if somebody can show Ray the CROP button. . . . .

Hey Rick

I found the crop button (on my photo program it’s actually the clip button - but why nit pick), and I did as much cropping as I could. You should have seen that photo before I clipped it. I couldn’t figure out how to clip/crop at an angle, and it was way past my jammy time, so Stan got the best I could be.

On the next slow Forum day I intend to start a big arguement about this business of putting more emphasis on pretty looking photos than we do on the cartridges themselves. Oooops! I may have already started it except that I doubt if anyone else is reading this.

;) ;) ;)



Of course there are folks reading this exciting thread…

Your point of “picture quality vs. information transmitted” is well taken, but keep in mind that many Forum users save these photos for future reference on these very specialized subjects. Many are also happy to share knowledge of how to best present (with little effort on the most part) this very important part of the Forum. That being said, I’ll take what I can get when it comes to learning about ammunition and I thank all who participate in sharing their vast stores of information and glimpses of their collections!

To crop or not to crop? I don’t care as long as I get to see awesome sectioned views, etc. of interesting ammunition…


Ray - I’ll take information over art every time if that has to be a choice. But that said, it is pretty easy to improve digital pictures or computer scans. Even I can do it. My pictures aren’t great, but I do run every one of them through my photo enhancing program (I forget the name offhand of what we have) to straighten them (if practical), crop them, adjust the color to show the detail better, etc.

It takes only a minute and then you have information and art - the best of both worlds. I would like my pictures to be better, but most of them come out better than just o.k. Occasionally, one defies any improvement with the skills and program I have, though.

Again, though, you are right on that the main thing is to get a usuable image out for folks to share.

John Moss