7.62x51 M59


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There’s an argument on my forum concerning whether or not the 7.62mm M59 ball bullet or was not boat tailed. My understanding is that it was, and this is backed up by my 1981-dated copy of the TM 43-0001-27 Army Ammunition Data Sheets. However, someone else has a 1994 edition of the same publication which shows a flat-based bullet!

Can anyone resolve this, please, preferably with a pic to show it?



Here you can find a sectioned view of an M59 7.62mm NATO projectile posted by former Forum participant Ray Meketa.


It is indeed a boat-tail design.

Note also that in the 1994 edition of that TM the sketch of the M59 cartridge shows something more like a Cal. 30 than a 7.62mm NATO. The “Fact Checker” must have been on coffee break…



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I hope these drawings can be useful for you:

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