7.62x51 M948 or M984 SLAP


WCC/SLAP/85 tungsten ceramic AP Sabot Light Armor Piercing


Isn’t it, Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm NATO, Saboted Light Armor Penetrator, M948

Is the M948 a NATO cartridge?



Knowing Ray as I do, I’d offer that he is correct in his questioning correction. Or not. Now the question is: that’s not a mil case, is it? Early batch for testing?


Thanks Ray, Ive seen it written both ways. Confusing. The M948 SLAP would be the nonferrous penetrator in a sabot/.308. Were these ever used by military, or, are they just experimental? Always seen headstamps in 85-90 years. Some sabots on later dates are different.


It’s interesting that TM 43-0001-27 lists the M903 and M962 as Cal .50 Saboted Light Armor Penetrator (M962 is a tracer), but nothing on the 7.62mm version.

Wolf, where did you find the M948 designation listed?

All of the SLAP cartridges I have seen (including cal .50) have the WCC headstamp. Has anyone seen one with a military headstamp?



the 12.7x108 Russian/Soviet, as made by Olin, just has an " 8 8 " (at about 7 & 5 O’clock) headstamp. Cryptic enough to qualify as Military?


Weren’t these for Afghanistan? If so the people using them were officially considered combatants and sowith military?

I am not really sure if only the hs is the criteria for a cartridge to be military or not.


My question didn’t come out the way I intended. WCC can be a military headstamp, as we all know. What I meant was, has anybody seen a SLAP cartridge with an Arsenal headstamp? Such as LC, etc.



Ray, got info on the M948 SLAP at wikipedia, under 7.62x51 SLAP. Don’t know enough to say if its true or not. Tomorrows cartidge/ question was going to be on the M959 SLAP-T. Thats on that page as well. The only other headstamp I’ve seen was WCC/SLAP no date on a 7.62. Figured that was experimental. Heard that Olin and Winchester exsist. The tungsten projectile dia. needs to be under a .223 or its a fake. (.191 in.)


Here is a spec sheet on M948/M959 7.62MM SLAP/SLAP TRACER cartridge. I have seen headstamps of “WCC SLAP” with date codes from 85 to 90 in 20round boxes & on M-13 links of 100% SLAP, 4-1, & 9-1 (M948 SLAP- M959 SLAP TRACER). Have not seen any comfirmed original headstamp codes other than “WCC SLAP”. But I have seen “LC” headstamps on what I believed were non-original 7.62x51mm SLAP cartridges.



I forgot to mention: the M948 penetrators I have pulled are not completely non-ferrous. They indicate a very small amount of ferrous content when checked with a strong magnet; a pencil magnet did not give an easily discernible positive indication. Give it a try when you have time.