7.62x51 mm and 7.62 x 39 mm

I have three catridge no identified:
the first

  • 7,62 x 51 mm
    nato symbol -MI- 99
    the second
    -7,62 x 51 mm
    SUD- 97 -51
    and the third
    -7,62 x 39 mm
    811 - 04

if someone can help me thanks

Samourai, is your 7.62x39 probably a “711 04”?

If so it is made by Klimovsk stamping plant “KSPZ” in Russia.

Can you post pics of these headstamps?

the number is not good but it isnot 7
so 811 or 611.

Your first round possible “sign MI 66” then it should be standing for “Societe meridionale d’Industrie, Marseilles” France. Wishes Jan.

I read they stop production in 1962. I don’t know if it is right.

Samourai - I don’t know if the identification of the headstamp on your 7.62 x 51mm round is correct or not, but I can tell you that your information that Soci

[quote=“samourai”]the number is not good but it isnot 7
so 811 or 611.[/quote]

Samourai, could you show us an image?

for this time I have just this information monday I must be receive pictures.
the friend who write to me tell me than the cartridge with 611 or 811 have the same color than chinese production.

I think the Chinese 7.62x39mm might be headstamped “311 04”. I recently saw some Chinese copper washed steel cased ball ammunition that turned up in New Zealand with the headstamp “311 06”.


I have 66 in my collection. A very distingtive headstamp for France. Jan

anybody about the indentification :
-7,62 x 51 mm
SUD- 97 -51

Can you give more details on the layout of the headstamp?