7.62x51 mm Chinese Steel Jacket


7.62x51 mm copper washed steel jacketed lead projectile, in a copper washed steel case, headstamp - 61/92
Was told that these were steel core, NOT! They said that it was accurate, VERY! Shoot these thru same hole at 100yds with my Remington 40x, 1/4in. at 300yds.


Hmmmmm. ;) ;)


Hmmmmm. ;) ;)[/quote]

Maybe it’s a big hole, Ray.


Maybe one hit and a lotta misses???


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Do a search on “measuring groups”.



Sorry Wolf. I didn’t mean for my tongue-in-cheek comment to stir up a controversy. I am a Benchrest shooter, as is Stonewall, and the standard response to a shooter telling us about his group size is, Hmmmm.



Hi wolfganggross


Ray is being polite.

  1. showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, etc.; courteous; civil: a polite reply.
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Yeah that’s me. Refined, cultered, elegant, polite. :)


You forgot COURTEOUS.


No offense taken, lets just say that none of you have boobs big enough for me to start lying.!
However, I do have IDEAL shooting conditions to 600 yds from my front porch where we shoot from. (Feeder is at 400yds) Use a 30x Unertl scope that shows my heart beat. Still don’t beleive it myself. Spent a whole day trying to see if scope was off, looking at the front/back of plywood, etc. After 3 shots you could tell hole was slightly bigger. Started with 300 of them, now down to 100. All just as accurate. I’ve never had any other ammo do that.
From now on will keep shooting results to myself inorder not to stir up the controversy.
No problems mon!


[color=#0000FF]". . .none of you have boobs big enough for me to start lying.!" [/color]

Now that’s funny!


Being a target shooter, not so much a benchrest shooter, I don’t doubt the group size. I am very surprised that that ammunition is capable of such consistency! Good on you.



It looks as though we (I) have hijacked Wolfs thread. I’d rather be talking about cartridges but I do want to say one more thing about shooting and group sizes, if our moderators will allow me.

I’ve been a Benchrest shooter for the better part of a half century, both point-blank (100 to 300 yards) and long-range (600 to 1000 yards). During that time I’ve come to know a lot of new shooters and it’s been my experience that there are two immediate reactions from newbies that are almost as certain as Elmer Fudd having trouble with the letter “R”.

One, they are astounded by the small size of even the most ordinary group, much less the tiny dots that it takes to win a match.

Two, they are equally astounded to learn that the groups they had been shooting previously are not as small as they had thought. That’s simply because the average non-Benchrest shooter does not make accurate group measurements. That is why Stonewall gave the link to the Benchrest Forum and the thread on how to measure groups.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Wolf did not shoot the groups that he says he did. I believe him and I will continue to unless I see otherwise. And, how does he know how big my boobs are? ;) ;)

End of this Sunday’s sermon.



[color=#0000FF]And, how does he know how big my boobs are? ;) ;)[/color]

The internet, Ray. The internet.