7.62x51 NATO API

Can anyone tell me more details about this round? I have a friend that sent me these pictures and asked me if these are legit but I have no books on European NATO. The HS is (Nato-Circle) BF 79 76. Portuguese? Norwegian? Authentic?
Thanks as usual!!

.308 API

I vote Norway. Jonnyc, wake up Dave!!!

Bakelittfabrikken did not make brass cases. (to what I know)

These here are by Fábrica Nacional de Munições de Armas Legeiras (Portugal) for a clandestine contract to Africa. (I was told)

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Wow Alex I love a good Euro plot! Seriously, I would love more information on this round.

Yes, made by FNM in Portugal, but not a factory load. This is the box matching lot 79-76:

BF 79-76

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Henry, I guess we would all be surprised about the amount, depth and details of all the plots going on (also US ones)…
I wonder if anybody is having this as an own field of research. It would make quite a collection today.
Maybe a new branch: “political ammunition collecting”!

Well Alex, as for US plots I would have plenty to add to the fire, but anytime I can point the finger to my European brothers I revel in the thought!

Fede, as usual, spot on brother thanks so much!

Henry, all good, we’ll just do it mutually and all is fine then. (smiley)

Cases are Portugal for Rhodesia, I believe, but the silver tips are news to me. I will kick Dave awake for his thoughts.

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Yea I told him that in my opinion they are reloads but there was no way for me to be sure. I know the IS experimented with them and used LC brass from 68/69, but no knowledge on the European trials, if there were any in API.

I suspect this is a reload but can’t be 100% sure. I have a similar round on a Portuguese case headstamped (+) FNM 80-64. The bullet is an API - confirmed by x-ray. It may also be possible that the bullet is not an API but a swaged down bullet from a silver tipped 7.62x54R light ball round. I have a number of 7.62x51mm rounds in Portuguese cases that that been loaded with a range of different swaged down bullets including 7.62x54R heavy ball, .303 incendiary and 7.65mm Argentine tracer and observation.
One further idea (PURE speculation) - with the Rhodesian connection, it’s always possible (but very unlikely) that this was loaded locally - there are reports of Rhodesia loading 7.62x51mm cases with eastern block 7.62mm API bullets (can anyone on the forum confirm this?). If this is true and Rhodesia did have a need for API loads, then other sources of API bullets may have been found.


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Wow, heck of a story, would be nice to get a confirmation. Thanks Dave!

A lttle bit off topic, but I have a friend who fought in Rhodesia in the last years of the war. He told me that the locals called tracers and AP “pretty-bullets” because of the tip colors.

Aint we are doing this as well? (smiley)

Hehehe, they don’t even need to have color to be pretty to me.