7.62x51 Nato dummy

I have a 7.62x51 NATO dummy h/s * FA 58 [*= nato symbol] with a gray color tip. Any Ideas???


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That color tip is a new one on me. Maybe Dave S will tell us.

Not being able to see the entire case, what is it that makes you think it’s a dummy? Is it fluted? A hole or holes in the case?

Could it be a target marking bullet seated in an empty case?

Just guessing.



I got this cartridge about 10 years ago from a fellow that collected 7.62x51 dummies at the time. I still have the original trade list and it is listed as a dummy. That being said, I really cant say if its a dummy round or not. The case has no flutes or holes.



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I don’t have any information on this dummy at present. The only thing to add is that it may have been made long after 1958. Unlike loaded cartridges where the year generally reflects the year of manufacture, this is not true for dummies.
Dave S

The box label for this dummy reads

              CAL. 7.62 MM M59 TYPE
              W.O. 81153-01-101
                      "NATO"       UNPRIMED
               LOT FAP 296

              DUMMY BALL

Nothing else is known.

Thanks to The Woodin Laboratory for this information

Dave S

Thanks! Dave and Bill