7.62x51 Nato?

I have a 7.62x51 Nato round with a Clear red tip and neck seal Cn bullet, H/S (+) LC 84

Any Idea?


Several items drew my attention to this picture and info that has been supplied.
I can see the case neck sealant on the bullet but none appears to be on the case mouth. The case appears to have been polished as there is no visable signs of case annealing discoloration. The bullet tip color and jacket looks very French to my eyes.
Is it possible to see a pic of cartridge base so as to see primer material, crimp and annulus color?
I just don’t think it is a legit US round.

Base of cartridge

I agree with Frank that the front end (bullet and casemouth) look very French. By the way, I’ve looked at a number of French 7.62x51mm cartridges with casemouth sealant and in most examples there is no evidence of sealant actually on the case brass.


Next to comparable color tips.

Head stamps

I don’t think Lake City loaded any CN or CNCS bullets in 1984 did they?

That should settle the question of whether it is a US round, even if not its actual origin.



I don’t think so either. But does the bullet crimp in the 1st pic look like a Re-load? Of course I guess that could be faked also.