7.62x51 Nowegian blanks

These three red plastic blanks are, as far as I know, manufactured by Bakellittfabrikken, Norway but why the different contours and in particular why the round with the flat-sided taper?


I dont know if it is the correct term, but here in NZ the blank on the left would be called a “duckbilled” blank. On firing the “projectile” splits straight down the middle as opposed to the other ones that have multiple splits in a cross shape. Apart from that I cant help any more. Would be interested to know why the difference.

It might be to late, but it is correct that these blanks are produced by Bakelittfabrikken (nammo.com/templates/Subsidiary.aspx?id=175).

These blanks represents the three generations used in the Norwegian army. The shortest one (right side) is the first generation and was named

It’s never too late! Thanks for the helpful reply.

Thanks, I love that kind of info EagleEye. Jan

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