7.62×51 on loaded RA 43 case

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Long time, no post.

I’ve got a few new rounds that I am having trouble. First off, bear with me as I only have a ruler and no calipers or mic with me so the measurements will be “about”

The first round I have is, for all intents and purposes, a 7.62×51 round albeit with a short projo. It has an OAL of “about” (told ya!!) 63mm. It is a FMJ spitzer type projo that is quite blunt. The projo appears to be coned into the cannelure.

Here’s the part that is throwing me. The headstamp is “R,A,43” Now unless I have forgotten all I know about cartridges (possible but I’d like to think unlikely) that would indicate manufacture by Remington Arms in 1943. Which was before the 7.62×51 was designed.

The primer is ringed in with a purple annulus.

My thoughts are that it was either a new primed empty or a new unprimed empty of an old lot that was loaded up with a different projo for testing?

So any ideas as to what it is?


Would be simple to form a primed RA .30-'06 case to 7.62X51. Any evidence of reforming?

I have a simlar cartridge, I have heard/read, a Christchurch a company, it might have been Turner & Le Brun (please correct me if Im wrong!) imported a heap of 30-06 ammunition, pulled the bullets, reformed the case to 308 win (I think also may have formed .270) The powder was reused (IMR 4895) Cast bullets were used, the cartridge I have is fitted with a cast bullet, why the fmj bullet wasn’t used again I’m not sure, cast bullets aren’t much better than a fmj for hunting
Please correct me if i’m wrong