7.62x51 question about 'Acid Washed'


I have these 5 ‘Acid Washed’ rounds, I was wondering what was the purpose of carrying out this process and was it a typical thing for Israeli made or purchased ammunition?

H/S y n 3-64 (Ball)

H/S y n 1-69 (Ball)

H/S 1 49 N (Ball)

H/S + FN 68 (AP)

H/S FN 56 + (Tracer)


I may be mistaken, but I was told that this was done to range pick-up ammunition to “clean them up”. I’ve also seen 9x19mm, 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm like this sold as surplus ammunition.



There was/is an Israeli surplus outfit, south of Jerusalem, that typically washed captured and range ammo in this manner. It was not done to new or commercial ammo. I remember turning in old, dirty, battered ammo periodically, especially after long or intensive maneuvers. I carried a Mag-58 for a while. You might have some of my old rounds!


The tracer and AP round have come from a belt, so maybe they were the ones you handed in. ;-)

It surprises me the colour tips and annuals colours have survived the acid process.

Cheers for the information.


I must concure.
I have a lot of 8x57 ammo with head stamps from all over, that was acid washed just like the cartridges shown.
I always though they were battle field picked up ammo.
I assume from the 1973 war, as there are no dates past 1971 in this lot of ammo.


According to LeClairs catalogue the latest example (7.62x51) they had that was acid washed was headstamped y n 6-73

Here’s a list of the examples from the catalouge + the ones I have, they certainly are a mixed bunch but nothing later then 1973.

1 49 N (Ball)
FN 56 + (Tracer)

  • J 2-56 (Ball)
  • J 3-56 (Ball)
    y n 1-59 (Ball)
    y n 3-64 (Ball)
    y n 10-64 (Ball)
    y n 2-66 (Ball)
    y n 3-66 (Ball)
  • FN 68 (AP)
    y n 10-68 (Ball)
    y n 1-69 (Ball)
    y n 7-70 (Ball)
  • FN 71 (Ball)
    y n 1-71 (Ball)
    y n 2-71 (Ball)
    y n 2-72 (Ball)
    y n 6-73 (AP)