7.62x51 sabots....SLAP's & more


The 7.62 sabot rounds have different XM numbers for the Tracer and the Metal Penetrator with the gentle angle nose sabot, is there a number for the white sabot and one for the blunt nose sabot.


And what about the SLAP rounds with the Swedish headstamps in the Swedish boxes with the US overlabels???


The Swedish designation for the Olin Winchester manufactured SALP round is 7.62mm SK ptr 10 prick. The round is for sniper use.

With regard to the US SLAP rounds, I believe that the white sabot is the original design. This was followed by Olin’s early blunt amber plastic sabot before being modified to the angled amber plastic design.

I’ve not come across any information suggesting different XM numbers for the different sabot designs.



From my SLICS display w/ prized 10 m/m Remington commercial accelerator round (correctly h/s’d)

From my drawer w/ the 10 m/m (yes has a 10 m/m Rem Mag h/s) and an unprimed case & sabot

Interesting, the 3 common commercial accelerator loads with correct h/s and the same calibers w/ white sabots (presumed they used prototype military white sabots…these are factory dummy (drilled primers) which I hand carried from the Bridgeport works.

white “military” sabots

amber & white military

olive (or “OD” green) sabots

Smattering of various sabots…mostly the more common amber colored militray SLAPS


How does the 10mm Rem Mag compare to the .416 Rem Mag?


I was curious about the ones pictured below. h/s is 0 0 616
Obviously not US packaging or cartridges, but the label states "Made in USA"
Penetrator is quite different to the Winchester ones, has a large angle or taper to the front of the sabot.
I wonder what the Q3255 refers to as well


On the IAA headstamp page is mentioned that 616 corresponds to “Imported to Sweden from USA and made by Winchester/Olin”. You can find some more info on this cartridge HERE.


On that box for the ones made from Sweden, you can see from what sticks out from underneath the English-language over label that the box itself was printed in the Swedish Language.

John Moss


Could be interesting to know what that swedish text was… Får inte skjutas i -something…? PSG 90
Not to be shot in … PSG 90? OR: Får uteslutande skjutas i PSG90 -Only to be shot in PSG 90…?
(The swedish standard sniper gun is an AI L96A1 in 7,62 nato)
Only a guess.


Hey Pepper, what is the circled cartridge in the photo below that you had posted? It looks like a pointed Aluminum jacket ALIA or something like that, in .40S&W or .45acp?


sorry for delay…first trip to basement last night (work in the way again !)

written on the round

45 auto rim
Van Riper Ammo Co. (no idea if spelling is correct and Google does not help)
178 gr.
police only


I found this from gunbroker.


The “Q” number is the Winchester stock or item number. I’m no expert, but it seems as though Winchester uses a letter suffix on the stock number to indicate production from a foreign source, but this example does not. Example would be “Q3131” which is 5.56 M-193, with “Q3131A” being Israeli IMI production and “Q3131A1” being South Korean production.

Is Winchester consistent with this numbering system?